A 51st event crowned with success

The 51st Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or (the second organized by Peter Auto) took place in glorious weather: it was a true festival in every sense of the word. The marvellous on-track spectacle was assured by nine grids of exceptional historic cars in the competitions section: Classic Endurance Racing 1 & 2, Sixties’ Endurance, Trofeo Nastro Rosso, Heritage Touring Cup, U2TC, Historic Association 1 & 2 and F3 Nations Cup. And there were also track sessions open to cars from clubs as well as an air show with the stunts carried out by a Royal Navy Hawker Seafury dating from 1949.

All the paddocks were open to the public so everyone could see all the racing cars taking part in the event and their drivers including Emanuele Pirro and Eric Hélary, former professionals, who have scored a total of six victories in the Le Mans 24 Hours between them. Spectators also had time to stroll among the various boutiques (books and posters, paintings, ready-to-wear and leather jackets, historic motorbikes, accessories and spare parts for cars) in search of that rare item.

Just a few metres from there the makes’ clubs had assembled 800 vehicles (largely exceeding the 700 expected), presenting visitors with a wide range of motor cars. Some took advantage of the occasion to celebrate anniversaries like Club Lotus France celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Elise with a total of 84 cars. And on Saturday evening everybody attended the special barbecue just a stone’s throw away from this historic track.

Thus, everything was in place to make the 51st Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or a huge success as proved by the clear-cut increase in the number of spectators over the weekend. Some 10 000 were expected and 14 000 turned up confirming the success of this event which is undergoing a real renaissance.

Patrick Peter (organiser): ‘‘It’s the second year that Peter Auto has organised the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or. So we’re very happy that the number of clubs and their cars has increased in both quantity and quality. The comments made by spectators and competitors show that we’re going in the right direction: namely, an accessible well-laid-out paddock in which everybody can find something of interest. And we’re very happy to see that the number of spectators – 14 000 over the week-end – in this year’s event has exceeded our expectations. Peter Auto is going to continue in this vein and improve this event that is in the process of its recapturing its former status.”