The clubs unites collectors around the same passion: cars. They can be mono or multi-brand and their members gather regularly for Sunday outings or historic cars events like the Dix Mille Tours.

On the Paul Ricard circuit, they will remain at the heart of the action with an exhibition area reserved inside the racetrack compound. The condition? A car in good condition, produced before1966 or among the Happy Few list.


  • The French Mini Club will pay a tribute to 60 years of the iconic car of Mister Bean. This gathering will be a great opportunity for the visitors to share the vision of Alec Issigonis, its creator.
  • It’s an American icon, the Ford Mustang! The most authentic “pony car” will blow its 55 candles at The Dix Mille Tours with four Mustang clubs. Are you ready?

They will be there

  • Club Datsun France Sud
  • Pony Cars Provence
  • Club Mini France
  • Club Porsche 928
  • Les Soupapes Tordues Varoise
  • Véhicules Anciens De Grenoble
  • Mustang Passion France
  • L’auto Story
  • Club Peugeot 405
  • Vintage Carrera Club
  • Club Pgo, Vinmog
  • Mustang Racing Team
  • Lotus 7 – Caterham
  • Cobra Club De France
  • Pontiac Firebird Club De France
  • Club Maserati France
  • Wot Racing Team
  • Storia Macchina
  • Gentlemen’s Drivers de la Roque d’Anthéron (GRDA)