FAQ – Clubs & Individual Collectors

I have registered a club at Le Mans Classic 2020, what’s going on for the 2021 edition?

If your participation in the 2020 edition has been confirmed by the club department, you will remain eligible in 2021, provided that your file(s) are fully paid and in the same provisions as today (confirmed or reservists). In addition, the amounts paid for the 2020 edition will be placed in a bank escrow account and made unavailable before 2021, in order to guarantee your commitments.

I have registered a club at Le Mans Classic 2020 but I will not be able to make it in 2021, what is planned?

If you cannot be available in July 2021, please contact the competition department as soon as possible and no later than September 30th 2020, so that we can bring up clubs that are currently on the reserve list. One week after the end of confinement, we will set up a reimbursement procedure from which 10% of administrative costs will be deducted. Considering the overload of work that our accounting department will face, as they will just be back to work, we thank you in advance for showing a little patience for the processing of your reimbursements which will be made from October 1st.

I have registered a club at Spa-Classic and at the Grand Prix de l’Âge d’Or in 2020, what is planned?

Regarding Spa-Classic (May 22, 23, 24, 2020) and the Grand Prix de l’Âge d’Or in Dijon (June 5, 6, 7, 2020) we are unfortunately unable to communicate the dates of 2021 because we are unable at the moment to forecast when to insert them reasonably in the calendar of this end of the year which will be more than busy… Here again, we suggest you keep your commitments and carry them over to the remaining events of the 2020 season, at the end of which we will proceed to the accounting regularizations which will be made from October 1st.