Accreditation form: Peter Auto series

  • The accreditation request must be totally and legibly filled in. If not, it won’t even be treated.
  • The accreditation request must be sent with a justificatory of the professionalism of the credential beneficiary : a valid press card a professional insurance and an editorial office assignment.
  • Track and pit lane access allocation is not automatic and not included in the following credential.
  • The credential beneficiary is aware of the risks linked to motor racing dangers and fully accepts to respect the security rules in force on a circuit.
  • The person whose accreditation request has been accepted undertakes to sign the accreditation conditions when picking up his pass. In case of refusal, the pass won’t be delivered;
  • The accreditation issued by Peter Auto is to be used only by the pass-holder and shall not be temporarily or permanently handed over to anyone whether it be for free or in return for payment. This pass will be confiscated.
  • Photographers: Given the important number of requests, we are sorry; we cannot deliver press credentials to no-professional photographers.
  • Access to the track and pit lane is not granted automatically and remains at the discretion of the press department. Professional insurance is obligatory for tabard allocation.
  • The press accreditation is issued for the purpose of spreading information concerning the event in the Medias. It does not authorize the holder to commercialize services carried out in the scope of the sporting event, except if a prior agreement with Peter Auto has been signed beforehand. Commercial transactions with Jarama-Classic competitors or partners are strictly forbidden by the organisation, in particular as regards selling of photos or videos.