Partnerships and sponsoring

The historic motor racing scene includes many events, but few of them attract the global greatest collectors around their passion. Peter Auto is part of the happy few drawing them.

Peter Auto meetings allow a company to benefit from a major visibility and to organize RP Hospitality in European countries: France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Portugal… Historic motor racing has the originality and advantage to be appreciated by a mixed public, from all generations

Reach many targets

• Meeting customers through their hobby
• Rousing the staff’s pride and motivation
• sharing common values (passion, tradition, etc.)
• Inviting a top-end clientele
• Being visible on all promotion vectors and the social media
• Reaching a customer potential market in various premium fields
• …


A strong presence

• Logotype on the race numbers (stickers)
• Logotype on the banners (paddock, trackside)
• Logotype on the podium backdrop
• Logotype on the billboard and all promotional & official documents
• Poster campaign
• One-page advert in the official programme
• Logotype on the website
• A special prize giving ceremony after a race
• …


PR Hospitality

• Private lounge
• Official dinners
• Track discovery lap
• Guided paddocks tour
• …