Stage 4 – Special Stages

  • Spectators are only permitted to stand in “ZP” authorized areas.
  • Standing in any other area is strictly forbidden. Failure to comply with this rule may result in the cancelation of the special stage! Please do not spoil everybody else’s enjoyment!
  • Spectators cannot enter special stages nor move alongside, on the road or nearby, 30 minutes before the start of the first car and until the end of the special stage.
  • Always do as marshals ask; comply with instructions given by the organizers or policemen.
  • Always keep an eye on your children.
  • Don’t bring your pets.
  • Respect the environment, crops, vineyards, rivers.
  • Make sure you leave nothing (tissue, stubs, bottle tops) . Take your rubbish home with you or dispose of it in the bins.
  • The use of drones, flying over the public and competition vehicles, is strictly prohibited.
  • Protect yourself and others from Covid-19. Protective measures: mask and gel.

Friday, September 4

EC 10 – Le pays viganais
Start at 13:00
Start from Le Vigan (Gard)